Wellpoint Connect provides access to on-line personal trainers that can provide one-on-one personal training programs.


Our E-Fitness program is delivered by qualified and certified personal trainers  and is designed to provide members with access to customized personal training , health coaching, advice and support in attaining better health outcomes.

Get Active, Get Moving, Get Healthy. 

Customized one-on-one training and fitness plans 

A certified personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals by developing a fitness plan that meets your fitness objectives.

Our programs are developed with you in mind. The one-on-one transformation coaching is designed to remove the obstacles and limits that have been holding you back.


We are passionate about coaching and transforming the lives of Canadians.

On-line Group Classes and Corporate Challenges   

Start a fitness team  

Wellpoint Connect can help you set up:


  • Virtual group boot camps

  • Specialty group classes (focus areas, strength training, high intensity class)

  • Corporate challenges

  • Rewards Based 

  • Fitness days 

Contact us today to get started 

Start Experiencing the Benefits of Exercise 

Boost Happiness Levels 

Set and Achieve your Goals

Increase Strength and Flexibility 

Reduce your Risk of Heart Disease 

Sleep Better 

Increased Energy 


* $50.00 credit if you sign up for 5 or more personal training sessions

Check with Your physician  before staring any fitness regiment 

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