Reduce Absences and Increase Employee Well Being  

Wellpoint Connect can be a part of your organization's absence management and prevention strategy.

Wellpoint Health Services can provide your organization with an integrated solution inclusive of Connect that delivers on the following key elements:

  • Quicker Access to Qualified Healthcare Professionals  

  • Customized Employee Education Seminars 

  • Wellness Programs and Strategies 

  • Mental Health Seminars and Programs 

An Integrated Approach to Reducing Employee Absences  

As a leader in absence management and workplace health solutions, Wellpoint's one-call approach to absence management and workplace health bundles the services organizations need the most to minimize and prevent employee absences while reducing employer health expenditures, such as short and long term disability costs.
Wellpoint Connect can be provided as stand alone service or as part a bundled services package which can include occupational and non-occupational services, providing your organization with a one-call approach to preventative and reactive workplace health services.
Call us today and find out how you can take advantage of more for less  and earn annual rebate all within one offering.

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