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Our experienced and fully qualified Health Professionals are here for you. Our Mission is to help address your health related issues, define your journey and objectives, helping you achieve positive health outcomes.


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More and more Canadians want access to virtual health tools.

Wellpoint Connect provides you with access to virtual health resources for expedited booking of virtual health services. 

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Disclaimer: Wellpoint Connect does not provide emergency medical services or crisis counselling services. Clients with complex or serious conditions such as, but not limited to: suicidal thoughts, bi-polar disorder, or psychotic episodes should contact 911 immediately. 


Registered Healthcare Professionals

Wellpoint Connect health professionals are registered and licensed to practice within their respective provinces. All Wellpoint Connect health professionals are in good standing with their respective colleges and or regulatory bodies.


Apart from being registered and licensed, our selection criteria takes into consideration experience, relevant specialty, attitude, Client care as well as technical skills needed for Wellpoint Connect.


Wellpoint Connect health professionals may recommend that you seek professional assistance through an in-person appointment should it be determined that online treatment is not appropriate for you or a family member.

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